STAXBOND BUILDING Technology Co., Ltd.was established in 2013. It is a professional team composed of senior designers and professional management talents from enterprises. Capital Venture Capital is the first supplier of innovative container application solutions in South China. Under the "people-oriented, technology-first" concept, Sidi Construction focuses on the design and development of container business models and their market operations. It mainly develops modular building technology, comprehensive commercial container operations, tourism and resort attractions (modular hotels), Internet + and many other fields.

    STAXBOND operates in South China as the core of its operations throughout the country. The core team is led by Beihang and Huagong professional teachers and technical teams, and is composed of professional team members from the United States, Australia and Italy. At the same time, it has a full industry chain service platform for container modular product research and development, design, project management, operation, and financial services.
    Scale of R&D Center


    R&D design number


    Scale of factory20000㎡
    Production staff


    What is Container Building
    The development of container modular buildings stems from the transformation of waste containers. The designers modified the container into a container house. Can be used as a construction site, can also be personalized decoration and design, used as commercial retail shops, car camps, permanent residential houses.