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container modular construction industry
TYPE / Project Projects
Completed time2015.9.15
    Before Hehui was born, it used to be an abandoned parking lot with a long and narrow area of 2450 square meters. It is surrounded by white-collar and young group apartments, belonging to the characteristic business district of Dongguan Nancheng. The transformation of the project takes commercial catering as the orientation, mainly popular and young oriented, to create the most unique food District in Dongguan


    Charming Dongguan, colorful fantasy. Dongguan color box project is mainly based on local culture and customs. The seven colors of red, yellow, blue, green, lake blue, purple and orange are given to the building decoration by the land, mountain, star, field, lake, flower and Lindi to form a colorful building complex. At the same time, the project is to use second-hand container transformation, turning waste into treasure, green environmental protection, creative and representative.