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Completed time2019.10.15
    Jiangxi Anyuan Longchi Off-road Vehicle Base Project
    Longchi off road vehicle base in Anyuan, Jiangxi Province is located in the 300 Mountain Town tourist scenic spot of Anyuan, Jiangxi Province. It is a public service facility integrating entertainment, catering and leisure services. Tourists can enjoy the experience of mountain off-road traffic jam here

          Langchi off road vehicle base consists of three parts,

          which are made of containers.

          It is divided into reception area, service center,

          cross-country square and other areas,

          The designer combines the characteristics of the

          surrounding environment and the venue,

          Skillfully added cross-country racing elements to the container.

          The space for container construction is two layers at most,

          According to the requirements of customers,

          a platform with a long view is designed in a reasonable position.