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    Sanlongwan Cruise Terminal
    The construction project of Sanlongwan Cruise Terminal is the need for Foshan to actively integrate into the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, implement the relevant requirements of the provincial government on promoting the development of all-for-one tourism, promote the development of Foshan's nighttime economy, shape the image of a tourist city, and enhance the taste of the city.


    The supporting building of the wharf is located to the west of Huayang Bridge and

    north of Tianhong Road in Foshan City, with a total construction area of about 174.5 square meters.

    There are multiple tourist and office function rooms, including:

    equipment room, material room, tourist service center, ticket office, office and toilet, etc.

    【Tourist Service Center】

    Divided into a separate space in the container, it has an open rest area for visitors and a consultation room enclosed by glass windows.

     Chairs and vending machines are placed in the rest area to provide a comfortable waiting environment for tourists.


    The office is equipped with simple desks and chairs, which can be used by many

    people for meetings, and the windows on both sides provide sufficient natural light for the interior.


    Continuing along the container building, you can reach a lounge with comfortable sofas.

    Each space will have windows for ventilation and light to improve the originally closed environment of the container.


    The wharf building also has multifunctional toilets, which are set in another independent

    container building, with women's toilets, men's toilets, barrier-free toilets and mother and baby rooms.

    Each space is designed to be spacious and uncluttered to cope with the traffic during peak seasons.