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    Shenzhen Youqi intelligent office area
    Project information
    Hidden in the "manned" office in the "unmanned" operation warehouse, the ultimate big boss appears in the international Pengcheng!

    Changing the use function is very common in the reuse of old buildings.

    It is one of the ways to achieve the maximum effect at the least cost.

    "Youqi uqi" is a logistics enterprise focusing on "unmanned".

    Their declaration is "unmanned logisticians" -- people are born free.

    Let robots do the work of carrying boxes!

     In order to build a headquarters office building integrating office

    and unmanned logistics operations in Shenzhen Branch,

    they looked for a large-area factory building.

    The office space of a people-oriented enterprise needs to

     be built in a comfortable environment.

    Considering the convenience and timely monitoring,

     the office space of "Youqi uqi" is in the logistics warehouse.

    The project is designed and built by [Guangdong Siti Construction Technology Co., Ltd.]

    and only occupies a small corner of the plant.

    As the headquarters office building of Wuxi Youqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch,

     the project is built with 14 sea containers of different sizes and steel structures.

    14 shipping containers of different sizes serve as office spaces with different functions.

    The overall area is divided into three floors.

    The first floor is the exhibition hall, public office area,

     conference room, laboratory, leisure water bar, toilet, motor room, etc.,

    and different functional areas are distinguished by eye-catching coding signs and different colors.

    The steel structure stairs can lead to the space on the second and third floors,

     which are stacked by sea containers.

    The second floor is mainly for offices and outdoor platforms,

    and an exquisite roadshow ladder leads to an independent office.

     Among them, the conference room and the independent office

    of the leaders have been finely decorated,

    and other areas have adopted the industrial style decoration.

    The predecessor of the project is a gymnasium with a certain stable plant structure.

    After careful transformation,

     it can be transformed into a modern headquarters office building

     integrating office and unmanned logistics.

    The project is undertaken by [Guangdong Siti Construction Technology Co., Ltd.].

    The project covers an area of 315 square meters,

    with a total construction area of 515 square meters.

    Among them, the marine container structure of the office building

     is preset in the factory and transported to the local place by truck for assembly.

    All module units enter and stack through an entrance and exit of the plant.

    The total construction period of the project from design,

    box production, on-site construction to indoor decoration is 60 days.

    The office building is located near the entrance and exit of the plant.

    In order to create a sunny environment,

    the wall of the originally closed plant is cut along

    the vertical surface of the container building structure,

     and the appearance of the plant is painted in a unified color.

    Today, the square structure of the container is exposed on the regular gray wall,

    which has become an innovative and interesting part of the whole plant.

    All module units are stacked and assembled on site,

    and reinforced by steel structure to create roadshow stairs,

    so that 14 Marine Containers of different sizes can be

    combined into a modern practical office building.

    The office building only occupies a small corner of the plant,

     which has little impact on the overall structure, but it has created the greatest utility.

     This is the best example of the transformation of sea containers as building materials!