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Completed time2022年3月份
    Tianjin Saturday Paradise
    Produced by Sidi | Today's "Thursday" is an unimaginable container block project!

    Project Information

    Designer: Guangdong Sidi Construction Technology Co., Ltd
    Project category: container business district
    Building area: 3368 square meters
    Floor area: 2500 square meters
    Project duration: 30 days for box production+on-site construction
    Project Year: March 2022
    Constructor: Guangdong Sidi Construction Technology Co., Ltd

    People define the time beyond seven days of the week as "eight weeks",

    that is, "eight weeks".

    We can put aside the busyness and pressure of study and work,

    and enjoy a free life on "August".

     It is a special space for tourism, outdoor sports and shopping.

    In Hedong District, Tianjin, there is such a "Weekday 8" block space.

    The designer uses marine containers to create a series of free and human scale spaces,

    perfectly reflecting the unique atmosphere of the "block",

    attracting people from surrounding residential and office areas.

    The project is located in one of the downtown areas of Tianjin,

    with a bustling geographical location, surrounded by the Park on Sunday and office apartments.

    The project plot is an L-shaped block, covering an area of 2500 square meters.

    The designer uses marine containers to create a series of free and human scale spaces,

    perfectly reflecting the unique atmosphere of the "block",

    attracting people from surrounding residential and office areas to the project site.

    Starting from the concept of "block",

    the designer hopes to build a Tianjin culture,

    art and commercial block with the characteristics of community,

    local topics and immersion of the main body years ago,

     as well as a fashion gathering place integrating catering, leisure, shopping, life and sports.

    Although the combination of containers is relatively dense,

    the construction of a closed rectangular volume should be avoided as much as possible.

    The part of the box floats out and is overhead,

    making the design more sculptural.

    In addition to outstanding modeling, color is one of the highlights of this project.

    Compared with the surrounding single architectural color,

    the "Zhou 8" container block uses a variety of

    color systems to highlight individuality without clutter,

     inject new color and vitality into the building,

    and ensure the unique space effect and exploration interest to

    enhance the experience of consumers.

    Why choose sea containers?

    The container is a good example of the dynamic transformation of the existing land.

     Its mobile characteristics make the use of the container more flexible,

    and the service life of the shipping container is long.

    It can continue its functions in the city through active reuse rather than

     large-scale demolition and reconstruction.

    At the same time, the newly added leasable catering space after

    the container building transformation has created higher rental returns for customers.

    New online red visual landmark

    The shop facade and unique container shape at the corner effectively transform

    the boring space into a gathering place of dynamic streets,

    and also become a clocking place for content creators

    and consumers who try new product experiences.

    Through careful design,

    the well arranged architectural modeling stands out from the surrounding buildings.

    The blocks with color containers as the carrier radiate strong industrial aesthetics,

    and also become attractive "visual landmarks".

    New social gathering place

    In addition to numerous shops, the block also has a large area of leisure space,

    which is a good place to relax with friends.

    People can watch outdoor public area programs or live performances here.

     This outdoor leisure space has become an important part of the city's social gathering.

    The "Friday" container block is designed to be a more active social space,

    where people can meet, chat and take photos when shopping,

    dining or living, becoming a new social gathering place.

    [Picture of box production process]

    [Site construction pictures]

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