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Completed time2022年3月份
    Tianjin Automobile Beauty Shop
    Made by Sidi | The coolest car beauty shop, making architecture an installation art!

    【roject Information】
    Designer: Guangdong Sidi Construction Technology Co., Ltd
    Project category: container car washing room
    Building area: 576 square meters
    Floor area: 238 square meters
    Project duration: 15 days for box production+on-site construction
    Project Year: March 2022
    Constructor: Guangdong Sidi Construction Technology Co., Ltd

    The project is located in Hedong District, Tianjin,

    which is one of the central urban areas of Tianjin,

    and is surrounded by the Park on Week 8 and the Container Block on Week 8.

    Architects need to plan the necessary functions in the limited building area,

    which also provides ideas for the beginning of the project.

    In order to build a small but well equipped car wash room,

    and considering the long service life in the future,

    the building must be realistic and safe,

    the owner decided to present the building in the form of sea containers.

    The container car beauty shop is

    a comprehensive space integrating car washing and beauty, leisure and rest.

    The project hopes to become a unique architectural form in Tianjin,

     break the old impression of traditional car washing room,

    and combine the accumulated brand culture with young design energy.

    The building volume is decomposed into a series of forms

    related to the overall scale of the car wash room.

    The project emphasizes the indoor light penetration and openness.

    The design of the whole building is intended to be transparent,

    which can maximize the vision and intuitively express the spatial organization of the building.

    Large area corrugated plates of containers presented indoors

     and outdoors give a sense of organized lines and a comfortable industrial atmosphere.

    The container thus forms a square space to form a square plane.

     The square plane and the extraction and removal of unnecessary space

    create a closely distributed functional area,

    which also allows the building to reasonably use all the dynamic space.

    The space between each station on the first floor is 4 meters wide,

     which can wash and maintain 7 cars at the same time.

    There is a hidden built-in storage space under the linear stairs,

    which maximizes the use of space and guides people to the leisure area on the second floor.

     The second floor is the leisure lounge, negotiation room, game room and toilet.

    Through irregular black windows and simple black patterns and lines,

    we try to add more sense of design to the overall building.

    Through the superposition of space elements such as light, shadow and materials,

    the building presents a generous and simple atmosphere.

    [Picture of box production]

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