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container modular construction industry
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    Huizhou bus hub station
    The designed bus stop is located on the right side of the gate of the scenic spot, which is connected with the gate entrance. The designed bus stop meets the diversified needs of waiting, advertising, sales, shelter, rest, lighting, convenient queuing, and runs the concept of "low carbon" throughout the whole design scheme.


    In the selection of building materials, we choose container as the carrier, which is not only low-carbon, environmentally friendly, durable, can meet the use requirements in any climate environment, has good processability, is not restricted by special structure; in the modeling, it is also more interesting and personalized. In order to meet the needs of passengers to enter the platform and wait for the train conveniently and get on and off the train conveniently, the platform height is designed according to the height of the crowd, and the layout of the platform is distributed for the passengers and the parking of the train.