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Container showroom丨Have you ever owned the mini version of the Venetian Hotel?
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1211  2020-03-03

When it comes to Venice, you will surely think of the water town,

and the Venetian Hotel in Macao, China, is the luxury and brilliance of the world of fame.

However, the local water culture in Venice is actually very simple,

just like this mini version of the Venetian hotel container showcase, it is a clear blue and fresh existence.

This is the container wine cabinet exhibited by Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

In order to increase its influence in the wine industry,

The hotel brings the essence of the brand into the trade show.

Taken over by [Loki box design],

A bnc220 unit consisting of two 20 foot containers has been rebuilt.

The interior of the exhibition cabinet is equipped with the landmark hotel decoration.

 The interior is equipped with a long bar for mixing wine and tables and chairs for rest.

Guests can taste the Venetian signature cocktails.

In addition, the top of the cabinet is a terrace with a ceiling, which also has sufficient seats,

Let the guests linger in the high-rise, enjoy the good wine of the hotel,

while the spacious and open main floor is convenient for the circulation of the guests.

Perfect structure, elegant facade, real wooden siding, sunny breakfast corner,

Spacious roof terrace, sun bleached wood floor and unique blue building package of the hotel,

All designs and layouts immerse visitors in the iconic hotel atmosphere.