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Dismantle the box skillfully! Create the best office environment with multi-dimensional elements and modern fashion!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1198  2020-03-11

As a kind of flexible building material, container has many ways of construction. You can use the whole stack, you can also cut and disassemble.

When combined with recycled wood, glass, steel, color, texture and exposed ceiling, it becomes a new building with multi-dimensional elements and modern fashion

cubic cowork is the name of this amazing office. As a company with the concept of "shared office", it aims to attract creative start-ups, as well as companies that attach importance to employees' flexible work schedule. The unique architectural style shows that the transformed container as a basic design element brings a double entry and open feeling to the interior space.

The address is located in rayford Office Park, Texas, with flexible working area, independent meeting room, private office, reception area, rest area and kitchen. Among them, independent meeting rooms, private offices, etc. will be set in independent containers. After the renovation of floor glass, the containers will become circulation to meet the use demand.

There is a red container, and all the walls of the container have been replaced with floor glass, making the whole environment a glass house, full of modern sense! There is also a duplex two-story staircase with a wooden ceiling and colorful tables and chairs for people to relax here

With this red "glass house" as the center point, it will be another part of the whole office environment after winding around, so the total building area here is up to 1700 square meters. This office area in another part is mainly featured by "transshipment" containers. Brick walls, planks, hanging in the middle of the sky and so on, all make it more interesting here.