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Dubai container building subverting the construction era
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1186  2020-03-16

Container is a fast and effective tool to expand the existing buildings. They can add more space to

an existing building project or introduce new content, At the same time, it is a very convenient solution,

because they have little impact on the whole base and noise pollution.

At the same time, containers are a very smart way to increase space, because if demand disappears,

they can be easily dismantled and recycled.In Dubai, smart box uses containers to build a new design

office complex for Dubai Design District (D3).

A total of 76 containers, 20 feet and 40 feet, were used throughout the complex. With unified white

 as the main color, single colorIt brings excellent display effect. Different from the traditional large-scale

buildings, the container buildings can be grouped and placed in the actual areaDivide. It seems that there

 is no intersection of the container group groups in style, or arrangement are mutual echo, decentralized and reflects the unity.


The complex is divided into multi-functional spaces, such as offices, galleries, shops, cafes and workshops.

The birth of D3 is a revolutionary new concept,On the one hand, it represents the new creativity of architecture,

on the other hand, it also represents the source of creative inspiration of various top brands. The most advanced

 and fashionable time in the worldThe decoration company will set up its headquarters in D3, and many designers

and artists will move here to work. Unique design concept, advanced management mode,Fashion brand gathering

place is believed to be the best choice for many fashion trendse