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Simple and beautiful, the soul building that moves at a glance
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1147  2020-03-20

Container itself is a kind of art. It should not only be buried in the transportation industry, but also be inspired by the change of natural environment. Linea arquitectura has built a unique architectural office in Puebla, Mexico. It uses special industrial wind elements to create creative buildings that meet its functional requirements.

On the green lawn, supported by concrete foundation and steel structure, four 40 foot containers are transformed into 140 ㎡ work space. This studio not only meets the daily operation of linea arquitectura, but also embodies the aesthetics of its architectural structure.

Stone road to linea Arquitectura architectural firm, yellow and light blue containers are placed on the first floor in a staggered way, and the two containers on the upper floor are placed on both sides of the top of the Yellow container in a staggered way. The two containers are connected with fake cabinets made of corrugated plates of containers, which are consistent with the overall architectural style. The steel vertical ladder at the rear is connected with different floor spaces. The design of staggered placement creates additional exposure The sky platform and the rain proof space, the overhead structure has built the extra long corridor, both indoor and outdoor space, the shape is particularly attractive.

The facade of the container is equipped with windows, the tailgate can be opened, and the air can circulate in the room, which solves the problem of heat dissipation in hot weather. At the same time, sunlight can be radiated in through the glass, which enhances the internal lighting and forms a good light system inside and outside.

Linea arquitectura architectural office is divided into two functional areas: the first floor is service and storage space, with balcony, exhibition room, reception room and other spaces; the working area is located in the second floor area, such as meeting room, design area and administrative area, etc. the open design and decoration with industrial style buildings have a stronger sense of space, spacious and comfortable, fashionable and chic.