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The latest network live station in front of South Korea's national gate is a technological progress that can only be carried by containers.
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1330  2020-06-12

In order to catch up with its purpose: to promote national convenience and public welfare.

In front of South Korea's "national gate" - Guanghua gate,

a live network communication station was set up to broadcast the Olympic Games for the citizens,

including the latest 5g communication experience.

The main body adopts spotless light blue as the appearance of the live station,

symbolizing the blue sky of South Korea. A large-scale building made up of multiple containers,

with the logo and slogan of KT Company on the box,

successfully stands out in the normal building complex.

The entrance of the live broadcast station is set on both sides of the building,

which is a huge white door protruding outwards, showing a simple atmosphere.

There is a large electronic screen on one side, and the video played makes the wall "move".

After entering, it looks like a large indoor square.

A stage is set in front of the square. On the stage is a huge electronic screen.

During the Pingchang Olympic Games, the live broadcast is realized,

which brings great convenience to the citizens.

On the right side of the square is a 5g experience area,

which is equipped with a number of electronic devices to provide experience services.

Citizens can get the introduction of 5g communication directly here,

and experience the operation of various functions on electronic devices.

On the left is the information desk, which provides a

wide space to adapt to the time of heavy traffic.

As a whole, it is mainly simple, and simple visual

effects can usually bring convenience to people.

You can get any information about the communication here.

The spiral staircase on the right is the second floor

of the broadcasting station, which can save more space.

There are more rest areas on the second floor,

and the environment is more comfortable than that on the first floor.

From the railings on the second floor,

you can see the panorama of the whole square,

which is also a very enjoyable visual experience.

It can be seen that the top floor of the live broadcast

station is a ceiling made of other transparent materials,

which makes the indoor environment extremely bright

and reduces a lot of energy consumption for the live broadcast station.

In addition, there is a VR experience area on the second floor,

which directly brings you extreme visual enjoyment of the latest technology,

making you feel like you are on the scene,

and you have to sigh the inconceivability of technology!

Some details of the site will let you feel the sincerity of the builder,

such as the support pillar of the first floor,

the container element that matches the whole,

or the secret of building materials hidden behind the plywood,

or the very simple and unique LED lighting.

Pictures courtesy of   KT LIVE SITE