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Looking for the founder of iron man's house, bauen architectural design company hiding in containers!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1508  2020-07-07


This is a construction company called bauen,

located in the Republic of Paraguay in South America.

In pursuit of sustainable development of construction companies,

they directly build the office into a template, using sustainable development

containers as building materials, and get the favor of customers.

The company's logo is marked by the capital "B" of the first letter of the name,

and then the company stands out in the wonderful

color contrast with the bright red background.

The office is actually a courtyard office with red containers as the wall,

and the company's name and website are marked on the wall.

At night, the lights make the office look like a red house.

This is a two-tier working environment for communication between employees,

which is more conducive to open working environment.

The ladder used to go upstairs is a unique design.

It is mainly made of hollow wooden frame, the pedal is made of eucommon board,

and a ladder is added to the railing,

which makes the property of the construction company show in front of everyone at once.

There is also a piece of wood hanging design is also very eye-catching,

the artistic atmosphere immediately up.

The second floor is mainly a meeting room with a rest balcony.

The wall is paved with europine board, and the room is set off with warm light.

The design drawings of the office also fully show the structure of the building.

Pictures courtesy of  Bauen