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Super large space renovation plan, empty exhibition hall shakes into container science and technology building!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1120  2020-07-25

Space reconstruction is an effective way to revitalize the old site,

which can improve the reuse rate of space.

When transforming a small space,

you may be worried because the space is not enough,

but when transforming a large space,

you will also worry because you have no way to start.

The cost of re spacing is high, but using the

"ready-made compartment" will save a lot of trouble.

The project is the renovation project of Kharkov city building in Ukraine,

which transforms the huge Exhibition Center into an it factory for training and practical office,

and gives new functions to the blank space of the old Exhibition Center.

First of all, at the entrance, a bright orange door and a reception area that

can be lit up in different colors are used to highlight the modern sense of science and technology.

It is undertaken by TSEH construction group,

which is a large space with an area of 2500 square meters.

The goal of the transformation is to create an innovative it school called "Kharkov it factory".

In order to achieve rapid and low-cost renovation,

the project uses a mix of architectures, including steel structures and shipping containers.

This space of 122 modern computers and long tables is the IT training station.

Due to the high ceiling of the old exhibition hall,

the lighting installation of the space will be very difficult.

But above the training station in this open space,

architects have developed a special metal structure that

can be used to hang lighting and sound-absorbing panels.

They are stable and lightweight and are suitable for hanging objects in large spaces.

In order to meet the needs of daily life, the design of tea room can not be less.

At this time, will be equipped with a good kitchen norms into a container,

the overall environment will become more tidy,

this complete kitchen space can even move freely in the large space.

In addition to the IT training station,

the IT factory also includes two floors of modern office space.

This space is contracted by modular buildings,

and different containers are divided into different independent office areas.

Located on the first floor is a large modern conference room with 46 seats.

The staircase is a simple steel structure with a comfortable sofa rest area next to it.

Located on the second floor are offices with 4, 6 and 8 working seats respectively.

The interior is equipped with independent lighting system,

and all of them are space with floor to floor glass windows.

You can overlook the activities of the lower floor in the box.

These enclosed spaces can be free from the disturbance

of other spaces and are suitable for independent office.

Pictures courtesy of   Kharkov it factory