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A masterpiece of the great God level! Play on the big, special container designer's new play!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1110  2020-08-01

The image of the factory has always been a typical closed production space,

with only rigid assembly line, completely separated from the office work,

lacking of humanized communication.

But if you want to have efficient work efficiency and better product quality,

you must communicate with each other,

so the Office workshop has been manufactured in this way.


An important part of urbantainer's design strategy

is to break the separation of office and workshop,

and build the office and production area together.

The partition wall between the areas is made of glass,

providing a two-way and transparent view for the office and factory.

You will find that the materials of this building are all familiar with metal texture,

which is to create an efficient building space with unique characteristics,

and its office area is built with containers.

Because of the large scale of its workshop,

the building is based on the steel frame structure,

with the container as the building shell.


The bright orange and white color of the exterior

coating improves the identification degree of the building.

Through the effective use of the structural characteristics of the container,

a symbolic brand logo is created to overcome the literal concept of the factory as a production place.

You'll see that the factory buildings at night are decorated with distinctive window designs,

which are like treasures with light from inside.

Among them, what makes this building unique is the layout of its office and workshop

-- the office area is like a piece of leftover material that protrudes from the workshop.

The sign "01" is the first slogan for entering the office.

It adjusts the building along the steep inclined direction and opens the

highly three-dimensional landscape from the front of the building,

so that tourists can instantly find the right access to the main door.

Looking from the front, the office area can't feel its poking out.

It's like a normal company building.

The large area of glass provides sufficient light for the interior,

and the louvers on the top are also standard office equipment.

Pictures courtesy of  MALPYO