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Container display cabinet | the life experience hall in the center of the square is more exquisite than your living room!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::882  2021-04-13

With the pursuit of spiritual civilization, many festivals have been created,
For example, various memorial days, cultural and art festivals, etc.

 Poland, with its rich artistic flavor, is not only a festival like this,
A typical example is the "Polish design island" pioneer Festival,

which is designed specifically for interesting design products.
It is an exhibition for displaying carefully selected products in European capitals,
Including characteristic container building, etc. This life experience hall is one of them.

The predecessor of this life experience hall is a black container,

which is recycled from second hand and has irregular concave convex historical traces.
After the transformation, a glass sliding door is added to the box body for in and out,

and there is a wooden terrace in front of the door, which can expand the actual use area.

After the transformation, it acts as an experience hall in the square.

The outer layer is an industrial container, and the inner layer is a wooden board with texture,
Make this life experience Museum look very delicate and interesting.
The outdoor wooden terrace is used for playing. It is 10 cm above the ground, which is a natural stage.

There are various tea table and chairs with unique shape,
It is very small on a carpet with marble pattern.
Tea table is a trapezoidal table with geometric characteristics. 

Even pillows look like wood chips, which are very lifelike.

The hook on the wall also has its own characteristics. 

The white dot is like a simple ornament, but it never thought that it has practical use.

Pictures courtesy of 366 Concept