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Container exhibition hall | can let Korean college students "one after another" box, originally want to play like this!
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Promotion on Monday · container exhibition hall

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In the communication network is very developed now,

everyone can not be separated from the communication circle, Bi

No net, that's almost like losing contact. Therefore,

 the status of communication operators in the contemporary era is very important

It's very important. In order to maintain its good brand effect, KT, the largest telecom

operator in South Korea, has made great efforts to improve its service quality,

At the same time, it publicizes to the younger generation that it has

 set up a brand display cabinet in Chung ang University, South Korea, where most college students gather.






The display cabinet is transformed from containers, which meets the

 needs of short-term publicity activities and has strong liquidity. build

There are two floors in the building. The first floor at the bottom is

mainly used as a venue for publicity activities. Two box walls close

to the sidewalk are demolished,While the other surfaces that have not

been disassembled are sprayed with the logo and slogan of KT.

The top white box serves as a high display board, standing on top of other blue boxes.






KT's display cabinet is mainly focused on the flow of attention through on-site shooting games,

Every student present can participate, and the student who wins in the rules will get the

Gifts from KT communication operators. This highly interactive activity is very lively,

Many college students are waiting in line to play games.






You can see that the design of the box is very simple, creating a relaxed

and pleasant game environment.Using the same color as the theme tone,

some posters will be pasted on the inner wall of the box,

The top of the box is hung with spotlights for lighting, and the floor is made of durable plywood.