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Container Showcase | Can iron boxes also play "acrobatics"? This back-to-back structure is too eye-catching!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::307  2021-05-11

Unconventional buildings can always attract people's attention at the first time.

 In order to pursue more traffic,

architects will give full play to their imagination in the building structure.

Therefore, when the peculiar stacked structure of the container is countless,

the innovative cutting structure is put on the agenda.

This is a marketing campaign carried out by Bell in downtown Montreal

and is part of the 31st annual French French Music and Arts Festival.

As a sponsoring brand, Bell has 8 container showcases on site,

including 2 Loki Split20 back-to-back units,

5 Loki Cubes and a unique BNC240 unit.

Among them, the most eye-catching is the two back-to-back Split20 kiosks.

The container is cut diagonally and opened and fixed,

allowing the container to "lengthen" to twice its height in an instant.

The opened space just turned into a perfect display screen,

used as a showroom for facial recognition games and "Where is Charlie?"

 quiz games, attracting many visitors to experience interactive games.

In the BNC240 mobile pop-up kiosk,

it is mainly used as a rest area and a live broadcast room for the host.

The unique furniture allows guests to relax while trying out Bell's high-speed

Internet and its AltTV streaming media products.

On the roof deck is a very stylish and comfortable lounge,

with a magnificent view of the festival scene and the nearby stage,

and the top tent protects the lounge from the influence of the weather.



The remaining 5 Loki Cubes are small in size and are used as photo booths and experience booths.

In one of the Loki Cubes, the "Emperor Chair" is set up, and people have the opportunity to experience

the "DreamHack e-sports competition" on site to promote the brand's digital games.

The other 4 Loki Cubes act as photo booths.

The decoration of each photo booth represents the music world of the top artists of the festival,

where people can capture the memories of the current mood.

Pictures courtesy of  francofolies