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Container office building the largest office building in the most humble environment. I'm in the factory!
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The factory in my impression is simple, dirty and dusty...

The high-grade office building in my impression,

It's neat, grand and full of sense of design... No matter

 what kind of design, it's hard to imagine that it can make you feel comfortable

There is a huge gap between the two. However, it is such a difficult

 operation, but it has been done for the container!





This is coworx, North Carolina, and normally, no matter what

 transition you're looking forIt is difficult to integrate the factory with

 the high-grade office building, but the container is such a big one

With a strong sense of industrial atmosphere but creative design, the building

has been cut and transformed into an office building.




  1. In the building center of [coworx], there is a very eye-catching orange container.
  2. But this container is not "complete", but only has five sides. It's an open system
  3. Double office area, a cabinet space just accommodates two desks and a small bookcase.




Turning around is another blue container, which is also a multi person office area.

The container was not cut completely, but three doors were hollowed out on the wall,

After being separated by splints, a plurality of independent compartments are formed.






At the end of the blue container, there is a small tea room,

The environment is decorated by the container revolving door, next to

 which is an operation roomThis is the first time. Separated by a wall is a

spacious rest area with sofas,The walls are decorated with container elements,

 and the relaxed environment allows office workers to have a rest here.






In addition to the

 independent spaces

 created by containers, some

office corners are built by traditional brick walls,These brick

walls are very compatible with the original factory environment,

 which is just a component of the factoryThe brick wall is a unique decoration.

The wall cabinet is embedded in the brick wall, which makes the environment and furniture harmoniousand unified, and also saves a lot of space.







Even the kitchen in the office is built with brick walls!

 Put things in order,With the white walls and interesting murals, there is

 a simple style in the moment! Let the environment instantly on the high level.





In addition, this office building is a real "building"!

 Because it is a fake two-story building!

Thanks to the high ceiling of the factory, it is easy to

build a hidden attic here.The environment isolated from the

 first floor is more privateand conducive to the high concentration of office work.