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Container Office丨Home + work, up and down combined container office to understand?
Publisher: Beri  Page view::287  2021-05-18

With the development of social economy,

more and more occupations can work at home,

so that "home office" with comfortable environment and staying

at home has been yearned for by many workers. However,

sometimes this way of working is not conducive to the communication between people.

 Do you want to have both? Well, let's take a look at the family office.


nex coworking] is a container building for office, which is divided into upper and lower floors.

 It is composed of a number of modified containers and some additional different building materials.

The outer layer is highlighted on the ground in brilliant yellow and orange.

The reason why it is a family office is that the interior pattern of the building

is somewhat different from the ordinary office.

As the most convenient building entrance,

the lower floor is designed as a home-based area with a wide living room and kitchen,

providing a comfortable environment with home function for employees,

basically meeting the needs of daily life during work.

The second floor of the building is the office area.

The so-called high-rise building is less affected by all aspects.

This layout is also very reasonable. Desks tend to be placed at the window,

which makes the work area with higher lighting standards make full use of the building lighting design.

The mirror in the room "carefully" expands "the interior space,

and the design of the wall cabinet is also the ultimate use of the small space.

Pictures courtesy of  nex coworking