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Container office your future parents! New opportunities for urban renewal~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::303  2021-05-20

With the development of the city, some old buildings

 gradually appear out of line with the new buildings,
The new generation of young people also don't like to run there, 

as if they were forgotten into a corner of a city without vitality.
At this time, the urban renovation plan will become very important, 

can wake up the vitality of the old city. So the container got involved

If it is community renovation, the construction process 

must not affect the surrounding environment too much,
Because there will still be households accumulated in the past,

 and projects with too much disturbance to life can not be implemented happily.
In order to let the old residents in the community realize 

the advantages and sustainable development of container building,
A container office is set up here as an example of community renovation.

The building consists of six containers, 

five 40 foot containers and one 20 foot container,
The building area is 98 square meters. 

A thorough structural study was carried out to achieve the cantilever,
To ensure the safe and correct implementation of this building element for visitors and helpers, 

the weight of the container is borne by two metal rods embedded in the ground.

Pictures courtesy of Thibault Ressy