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S7 global finals countdown 5 hours, take you into the hot base behind the SKT team!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::283  2021-05-22

The last five hours of S7 global finals

Take you into the red base behind the SKT team!





Today is an important day in E-sports. 2017 League of heroes S7 global finals

It will be held in China's "bird's nest" at 15:00 this afternoon, Beijing time. Who are SKT and SSG?






History is always astonishingly similar, S6 global finals against both sides

 are also SKT and SSG two teams.At that time, SKT team beat SSG 3:2, creating the myth of

"Treble" in S series global finals.Now, SSG team once again launched a challenge to SKT team.

 Let's look forward to their performance this afternoon!






Five hours before the competition, we will explore the story behind SKT.

Sk Telecom T1, referred to as SKT T1 or SKT1, is a Korean E-sports club,

formerly founded by boxer in 2002Our Orion team. In December 2003,

 it was renamed Union, and in 2004, it was published by South Korea news

 agency South KoreaTelecom sponsored and renamed sktelecom T1.

So the big brother behind SKT is SK Telecom.





You may not believe it. In fact, SKT team and container

 have an inseparable origin.Sk Telecom, the company behind the SKT team,

 once held a container exhibition in South Korea with the theme of "let's remember Reds."





The display cabinet is located at the Mingdong theater in central Seoul. As we all know, Mingdong has the largest population in this area. The exhibition here can get twice the result with half the effort.

However, the land price here is also the most expensive. It costs a lot to rent an indoor exhibition area. So designers put aside their fixed thinking, and at the limit of occupied area,






The color selection of scarlet can be said to be very wise. First, it can be close t

o the theme, and second, it can be used in the crowd or in other places

Even big trees can't make it low-key. In the night scene, there is a bright red light,

Red let you suffocate the beauty, so that you have to be dominated by this display cabinet all your vision.






At this time, you have a little doubt. What is this display cabinet used for?

 See the striking "stadium" in the upper right corner?

This is a stadium! It's an exclusive "stadium" for the public to

watch the live broadcast of the world cup and cheer for the South Korean team!

Where is the container? Only the shape of the container, there is no container logo wave board ah! Don't worry,

This is because the container is hidden behind the iron curtain! Look at the structure chart and you'll know!








The exterior design of the small "Gymnasium" is very chic.

You can see a series of hollowed out iron sheets supported by steel frames

The "iron curtain" covers the outside of the display cabinet,

giving you a fully transparent feeling. There is a basis for such a design

One of the design functions of this display cabinet is to gather people to

watch the live video of the world cup,In densely populated areas,

ventilation is absolutely essential. So there's the iron curtain that you see.









Since one of the functions is to play video,

There must be screens and seats.

In order to maximize the use of space,

The designer designed the viewing space as a staircase,

That is to say, people sit directly on the steps and look ahead

Video of. There is also the logo of the World Cup football in the middle!











When you watch the live broadcast, you will feel something and want to cheer for the team,

And the scene is very humanized to provide you with writing pen and paper, are and the whole red

"Gymnasium" matching theme will be posted. It's the same red sticker that sticks to the iron curtain

Will form a different visual sense, just like the flowers on the metal wall.












Under the rest stairs is a hidden container,

In the lower left part of the whole display cabinet,

a closed container space is formed.It is also the exterior design of Dahong.

The original corrugated door is replaced by glass door to connect the indoor and outdoor vision.






This is a dressing room, and another important function of the

 stadium is to distribute T-shirts to the audience.But the way

 of distribution is more unique, which is to select their own T-shirts

 by drawing lots like the World Cup group,Then according to the wooden

 number plate to open the corresponding cabinet to get their own

clothes. The interior is mainly transparent and simple white,Red highlights

 the point. The overall tone is no more than two, giving people a very comfortable

 and harmonious feeling. And you can also get souvenirs of the event here.