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Container building unlocking, sharing office skills. Office workers are competing to go to work from now on!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::842  2021-05-31

With the popularity of sharing economy in recent years,

Since bike sharing, it has gradually become known to Chinese people,

Sharing economy is changing from a new thing to a new one

A part of our lives, a new era has been opened.



The term "coworking space" is regarded as one of the

 products of the sharing economy,What is coworking space? Literally,

That is, joint office space, where some start-ups work together,

Share high quality office environment, facilities and services.

 Coworking space is generally suitable for entrepreneurial teams with a small number of people.





In order to provide coworkers with high quality and comfortable office environment,

Generally speaking, coworking space is full of creativity.

Just like Cbox's coworking space uses containers as building materials.







In order to expand the use area and reduce the occupation area,

We need to put containers in orderIt's piled up

( Color matching is also very important ~)







Combined with mechanics,

Maximize the use area after assembly.







Reinforce container edges and ensure

The connection between the box and the box should be consistent,

Otherwise it will be wet if it leaks in rainy days~







And then we have to "dress" the container ~ graffiti on their favorite patterns,Or with all kinds of

 decorations you like, what you want to decorate depends on creativity.Graffiti on the wall will bring people a lively

 mood, and the slogan on the wall will also bring people a lively moodI am always alert to keep a mind full of idea.













So container coworking is full of art

That's how space was built~










As a high-quality office environment

Coworking space for facilities and services,

The interior of the container is converted into

 a number of functional areas and small rooms.

















If you are careful, you will find that,

Most of the rooms are made of iron,

Including cabinets, tables and chairs, etc.,

are matched with container elements.









Outside, it can be creative.

It can be used as an open-air rest area to be in the sun,

have a breath of fresh air. Relax your head for a while to get more ideas in.








The office built with containers is full of creativity,It's refreshing,

When people see it, they want to go in and find out.

This kind of mood is good for work~