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Road & letter fashion Messe Berlin multi-function Office
Publisher: Beri  Page view::258  2021-06-04

Bread & Butter fashion Messe

Berlin multi function Office

Container multi function Office

I still remember what Xiao Bian shared with you before,

Is the break & Butter Berlin BBB venue in Berlin, Germany?

Today, I will continue to share with you 2009
Bread &Butter Fashion-Messe
It's a multi-functional office.
Broad and bright meeting space
Independent office seat
Looking at Tempelhofer Prak
My little Lounge
In just three days, the office was set up next to Tempelhof Airport.
Tempelhof Airport in Germany, once known as the "mother of airports"
by Norman Foster,It was closed in October 2008. Now it's Tempelhofer Prak,
It has become a good place for Berliners to enjoy themselves. Even if the mission has been completed,
The recycled containers and the abandoned airport can also continue after the reconstruction
In other ways, we can achieve the maximum value and bring convenience and comfort to people.