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Container showcase | the film parasite is extremely dramatic, and its modular structure crowns it!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::256  2021-06-05

Parasite is a feature film directed by Korean director Feng Junhao,
The film tells the story of two very different families 

who are involved in a series of accidents due to their intersection.
The film won the Palme d'Or Award for best picture at the 72nd Cannes 

Film Festival in 2019 and the 92nd Academy Award for best picture in 2020,
For a time, it has become a hot pastry in the film industry. In order to publicize 

the film and show the works shot by the studio, a "parasite" public relations hall was built in Gaoyang.

The public relations hall is made of light steel structure and container.
The government of Gaoyang city puts forward the demand 

to build public space and improve the quality of life of citizens.
The building area of the module is 61.00 m2, with a total building area of 88.00 m2.

 It is located next to a park in Deyang District, Gaoyang City, Gyeonggi do.

The public relations hall consists of three units arranged and stacked in the form of "ㄱ",
In order to design unobstructed exhibition indoor and outdoor space, form a process corridor.
The exterior wall finish shall be covered with anti rust paint of specified color,
The window on the box body is made of thk24 low radiation double glass + PVC system material,

 and the eaves are installed with synthetic wood shutters.

Entering the interior of the display cabinet, the glass windows bring sufficient natural

 light to the interior. The floor is made of two-layer plywood,
The walls and ceiling are made of 2-layer gypsum board, and the lighting equipment is efficient LED light,
The photo display is fixed to the structure with the inclined wall. In addition, 

rigid polyurethane foam insulation is used throughout the building.