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Publisher: Beri  Page view::907  2021-06-09

Aiming to rebuild the social reality of the waterfront space "Shibuya River Street" a

long the Shibuya River and enrich the form of urban life,

the project is called [WORK PARK PACK] and is a project to

 openly create and discuss the possibility of "work" with everyone .

To understand the meaning of "work" in a broad sense,

"public space x work" is a tool to tap the potential of space in actual public space.

The social experiment project of rebuilding public space [WORK PARK PACK],

mainly uses the waterfront space "Shibuya River Street" along the Shibuya

River as an initiative to rebuild public space to activate the vitality of the area.

The actually adopted concept will be realized as an

experimental concept during the social experiment period,

verifying Shibuya River’s unique utilization ideas.

Public space that affects the value of a city is often restricted by administrative prohibitions,

 and there is a problem that the frequency of use by citizens is gradually reduced,

 resulting in a waste of resources. This public space social experiment made of containers aims

to establish an autonomous space management and utilization mechanism from the perspective of users,

and with the support of quantitative data, explore and cultivate a

community culture that can increase the value of the town.

Located near Shibuya Station on the Shibuya River,

container modules of different colors are lined up on the street to form a beautiful landscape.

The "Shibuya River Street" was rebuilt in 2018 through the efforts of

public-private cooperation along the Shibuya River,

and it is expected to develop into an integrated culture of indigenous people,

workers, learners, and tourists in the future.

This [WORK PARK PACK] project has broadly grasped the meaning of "WORK",

and openly created and discussed the possibility of "WORK" not only with businessmen

but also with everyone living and working in Shibuya. A

s a tool, this social experiment can unearth the spatial potential in the actual public space,

that is, “public space x WORK”, and create commercial, cultural, and tourism values.

In the future, the street can also be transformed into a new playground,

on-site stage, museum and various other public venues.

Pictures courtesy of  WORK PARK PACK