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Container office building | super large space free combination, cantilever meeting room super fashion!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1273  2021-06-15

The building system of recyclable ocean containers is multifunctional and can meet the needs of various spaces,
It provides a quick solution for developing new workspace.
As an alternative to traditional methods, it can provide a practical environment,
It can also be recovered and evacuated when the land permit expires.
This is a project with a total area of 400 square meters, which is used as a multi-functional office building.

This is a completed office building in port Madryn,
The project design and director is architect Mar í aBel é Ngonzalez, 

a logistics and port stowage company [Ruta 40 S.A.].
The project includes housing management office,

 open office, men's and women's toilets and disabled toilets,
A dining room with kitchenette, a covered balcony, an open terrace space and a central hall.

The project consists of nine recyclable 40 foot HC containers and six 20 foot HC containers,
A total of two levels of large-scale activities and work space are created. 

The delivery time of the building is very short,
The total implementation time was only 90 days: in Florencio Varela
It takes 75 days to produce in our factory and 15 days to assemble on site.

Built from 15 recyclable sea containers, the building has a cantilever design,
Hanging above it are two connected containers, which stand out from the

 main body of the building and form a meeting room that can hold 16 people.

In addition, the building has a high quality surface treatment: 

high performance PVC openings with laminated glass and DVH 4 + 4 / 12 / 4 + 4,
Synthetic wood floor, wall and ceiling, polyurethane floor insulation layer,
Melamine and sound insulation modular ceiling. The house is electrically installed,
Telephone lines, data cables and sockets are embedded in trays above the ceiling.

Pictures courtesy of  Living in a Container