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Tauranga ASB's new regional branch Auckland savings bank office
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1203  2021-06-19


Tauranga ASB's New Regional Branch

Auckland savings bank office




Auckland savings bank, ASB,

It's one of the big four banks in

 New Zealand. Its office in Tauranga branch,

The interior architectural style is fashionable and capable,

 which cleverly creates a flexible space with container style.








The design of gangway is very suitable

 for the theme of Container style







The ASB office is not built with real shipping containers,

But through the combination of various suitable materials,

such as gypsum clapboard, aluminum profilePolycarbonate layer,

 color spraying and so on create the feeling of container building.







Because the dimensions of standard containers are specified

(except for non-standard containers),

It is difficult to build container buildings when the floor height is not enough.