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Container exhibition hall | advanced laboratory is used to show garbage?! The awakening of environmental protection starts from the iron box!
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Container exhibition hall on Tuesday

--Today's site: Germany--





Today's world is facing challenges - the Millennium

 plastic waste is one of the biggest problems of marine pollution.

For this reason, the Federal Ministry of education and research

 launched an international roving exhibition,The theme is "marine plastic laboratory",

 in order to make people deeply aware of the seriousness and persistence of plastic pollution.







In order to facilitate the movement, the exhibition hall of

the tour is built with containers,It is also a recycling container

 closely related to the theme of environmental protection.

Every place you get, you just need to carry it by truck











The layout of the pavilion is like an "airborne island",

The bottom of the container is padded with special materials,

This will not only improve the service life of containers,

It can also form a natural and open terrace for the activities.












In the exhibition cabinet composed of multiple containers, you will see a "wall"

made of garbage.This "wall" is full of plastic waste recovered from

the ocean,These garbage will be dumped in front of the

 square in an instant, the shocking scene

is enough to make people wake up.








In addition, at the exhibition site, there are many electronic products for plastic waste disposal

The harm and severity of knowledge popularization, so that people can learn from

Understand the world challenge from multiple perspectives.