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Container office | module design in the factory, quickly realize space transformation!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1355  2021-07-10

In such a large factory space, an independent office space is planned. In addition to reforming the indoor structure,
There is also a convenient way, only through the addition of implementation - the use of modular structure.
This is the container office and research laboratory in Dade Industrial Park, Datian.

The placement of containers reflects the functionality and mobile efficiency of the space.

The office project is located in the factory of Dade Industrial Park, Datian city.

It adopts light steel structure (container), with a building area of 193.00 m2,
Through the installation of containers in the factory to achieve the construction of office and research space.
The project module retains the original appearance of the container, has a simple industrial design concept

of exposure period, and the color coating reflects the color design of the corporate image.

The container module is made of non insulating material.

The external wall finish is rust proof and covered with specified color paint,
The roof terrace has a natural wooden deck.

The window material on the box body is thk16 fixed tempered glass,

and the entrance of the second floor is also tempered door.

When entering the office room, the interior decoration material is

floor decoration ceramic tile decoration on two layers of structural plywood,
The walls and ceiling are antirust treated, and white paint is used to create a clean interior surface.
The room is equipped with air conditioning equipment and efficient LED lighting equipment.

The space on the first floor is composed of three container modules, creating a spacious use space;
The space on the second floor is transformed from only one module,

 but the decoration and matching are the same as those on the first floor,
The windows on the box connect the indoor and outdoor scenes.