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Container fashion show - time tunnel like LV show, 100% transparent and luminous, creating a sense of future!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::2115  2021-07-17

Living in containers has become the norm,

 but have you ever thought about what it's like to be on the show in containers?
CAPSA transformed 70 containers to create the impressive

 louis vuitton fashion show imagined by la mode en images.

This is a huge scene, made up of 70 fully transparent 20 foot containers,
After 5 weeks of factory production and 2 days of field installation,
It reproduces the iconic connection of the brand, which is enough to highlight

 the creation of this long-standing French haute couture company.

In order to transform these 70 containers into fashion week stage, 

the 20 foot container used has been completely transformed.
All the metal walls are hollowed out to expose only the metal columns, 

which are the basic elements of the container structure,
These hollowed out boxes were then filled with transparent PVC walls.

The same process was applied to the top of the container, 

and lighting fixtures were installed in the metal pillars, creating a 100% transparent luminous metal box.
Finally, according to the scenario of the house and la mode en images organization,
The container show was installed at cour Carr é E in the Louvre to welcome the audience.

Pictures courtesy of  CAPSA