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Container gym | outdoor + indoor combination, the original sports field of iron box so versatile!
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Promotion on Monday · container gym

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It's not news that modular buildings can be used to live,

Constantly involve new areas to prove its stability to the public

Durability and reliability. It's not available. It's available. It's available

"Sports" involved, consider the new concept of personalized outdoor training

It is necessary to build a suitable space and build a fitness center combining outdoor and indoor.











This was originally a piece of barren land and several abandoned containers. After activation and

transformation, it became a container fitness center.The site is located in a mixed residential

community center, which aims to let nearby residents understand the new concept

 of health movement.At the front of the building, there is a commodity store

 with a striking signboard. The exquisite display windows are open to the

 public,Put all kinds of sports goods to attract the eyes of passers-by.













The layout of the containers on the land is deeply considered. The horizontal closure is adopted. One of the blue containers is placed at the limit of the land to act as a barrier against the strong wind in the south.

The other two containers, one 12m and one 6m (divided by one 12m), are located in the other

two directions, which constitute the outdoor training area.The outdoor training ground

has been treated with natural and artificial grass, and some sports facilities are built

 in front of containers. Underground pipes can drain rainwaterAnd store the

water in the lower reservoir so that it can be used in toilets, gardens and

 gardensReuse in greening. Among them, the vegetable garden is

one sideA wall transformed into an organic garden.












The internal area of the whole fitness center includes boutique with reception area, dressing room,

indoor training room and evaluation room;The outside includes training area, leisure deck,

parking lot and vegetable garden, covering an area of 180 square meters.All the

containers have not too much additional decoration, which is basically

like movingIt is as convenient as ordinary container, and can

 be used as soon as it is moved and landed.














Interior decoration also follows the principle of simplicity, with the container lined with marine plywood and afforestation pine trees,Cover ecological tiles and heat protect with glass fiber.The electrical

installation is all exposed to the ceiling,It enhances the aesthetic charm of industrial

authenticity.Foam mats are laid on the ground to increase comfort.













Entering the locker room, it is still an electrical device that is exposed,

But the all black tone highlights the industrial attributes.

This is the only room built to produce the least waste,

Made of structural concrete blocks,To ensure

natural ventilation, it was also

 left empty near the top.