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Container Pavilion | How can street art exhibitions lack industrial containers!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1210  2021-08-21

The container can be used as an integral part of decoration in large-scale event buildings,

 can also be used as a display wall in art exhibitions, and even allows artists to perform painting activities on it. 

This is the second international street art festival organized by the French architectural company 

[CAPSA Containers] and [Peinture Fraîche] in Halle Debourg, Lyon.

The project is called "Scene in a Container" and [Peinture Fraîche] called on 

CAPSA to animate its street art festival in a container. 

The container is cut in the venue to accommodate the works of 

different artists and forms an unusual exhibition space. 

The outside of the container is also used to display the works hung on the steel plate.

The project used 11 second-hand containers, including 3 40-foot containers and 8 20-foot containers. 

Some containers are preset in the Meyzieu studio, 

and then delivered on-site to participate in the exhibition set. 

The containers are installed in the hall and arranged in an exhibition route for visitors to visit.

The on-site container installation only took one day. In addition to the gallery built with containers, 

many street graffiti were added to the venue.

 Different from thematic exhibitions, all the styles are integrated here to form a whole, 

which aims to interpret a slogan: free expression.

Pictures courtesy of PEINTURE FRAICHE FESTIVAL 2020