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Container Education Center has a large space of 750 square meters, which is the most suitable place for many people!
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A new headquarters [innovation and Education Center - "infinite discovery"

for the Argentine Ministry of education was completed in Godoy Cruz in Mendoza,
With a total area of 750 square meters, the education center combines wet,

dry and modular construction methods.
In addition to the iron structure, paneling and binding cover,

40 foot HC and 20 foot HC containers were used in the development process.

The education center is named [edificio SGA], and the SGA

building is constructed of 22 recyclable transport containers,
These containers are connected to each other to form

a 555 square meter two-story covered building,
The two and a half covered terraces add 45 square meters of space

to the building. Finally, above the building,
The sinusoidal sheet metal roof is cast to give it a beautiful appearance,

inclined downward towards the building and closed,
It also acts as an insulator for the air chamber. The appearance graphics of

the project are made according to the customer's logo and organization color.

The duration of the project is 120 days: the duration of factory production and previous tasks is 60 days,
The working hours for assembly and execution of Mendoza tic Technology Park are 60 days.
The office building has a large central hall and a distributor with reception on the ground floor,
And a 120 square meter open office. All main rooms are equipped

with split hot and cold air conditioning equipment according to the heat balance.

The hollow iron ladder in the middle of the building can lead to the upper

floor of the office building, which has a men's and women's health center,
Office with kitchenette, one server room and three management offices with an area of 30 square meters each
And a meeting room for at least 12 people.

With regard to features and equipment, the building is on all its walls
Polyurethane foam sprays are used for heat treatment on the ceilings and floors,

 covering melamine, waterproof boards and wet core PVC lath.
Among them, high flow HDF floating floor and wooden skirting line are placed on the floor, and electrical,

 telephone and data lines are completely embedded in the wall and ceiling,
Lumenac lamps are equipped to create a perfect education and office environment.

In addition, the education center also has a 75 square meter kitchen,
The wall is provided with small windows for ventilation and light transmission,

 and is equipped with barbecue oven, granite countertop, stainless steel sink, faucet
The furniture under the stage and a 4-meter long granite bar meet various cooking needs.

Pictures courtesy of  4housing