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Container Exhibition Hall 丨 Klang Der Quadrate Germany - Music Small Square
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1124  2021-09-17

Project Name: Klang Der Quadrate

  (German: square of music)

Project time: April 2007 to February 2008

Customer Name: Mannheim City Marketing Co., Ltd.

Project contractor: Markgraph studio

Project Location: Germany - Manheim, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich

In order to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Mannheim, 

it is also promoted Manheim City Culture, Manheim City Marketing Co., 

Ltd. specially created a super-large multimedia cube music hall.

Klang Der Quadrate will be patrolled in Germany from April 2007 to February 2007.

The bottom area of the music pavilion is approximately 64 square meters, 

and the surrounding public area can be used in public area, 

and you will welcome people to explore the anniversary theme of Mannheim, "See - Hear - Create".

A large highlight of the Klang Der Quadrate music square is that it is an open

 music laboratory that will make people personally practice.

Here, visitors can create their own voice, participate in the MP3 files in the Mannheim 

anniversary theme song "MEINE WELT", automatically generates MP3 files, 

and then download it on its official website.

The basic concept of the Sound Lab Music Studio is two chambers that can operate,

 one is a music library, and the other is a recording room, and three small work areas. 

There are 80 different sound samples in the music library, 

and there are also real-world recording and multiple Mangheim songs. 

Here, visitors can preselect some sounds to creative with their own recording.

Rotating Sequencer, Mixing Zone and IMPLEMentation 

have eight working cells in three working communities.

Pictures courtesy of Klang der Quadrate