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Container club | alternative golf club, the "iron box" on the grass
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1441  2021-10-13

The golf club is a large container building built with several 20 foot and 40 foot containers,
Includes prefabricated cool rooms. The whole container construction was

completed within 60 days, 30 days ahead of the owner's expectation.

The container club is called midmount, which uses a lot of glass,
Make the whole building look transparent from the outside.
The balcony outside the glass door is an open-air dining area with a great view of the whole lawn,
Watching the outdoor scenery while eating is a pleasant enjoyment!

The hall on the first floor is an indoor dining area, which is connected with the outdoor open area.

The space is relatively spacious and can be used for tourists to choose a variety of seats.
Next to it is an area for children to play. Colorful colors and simple configurations show a full style of children's fun.

In addition to delicious food, of course, there must be an entertainment area,

which is filled with all kinds of game consoles,
The most popular arcade equipment in the 1990s allows

 tourists to enjoy delicious food and experience the fun of games!

Then there is the only dining bar in the room, with a variety of delicious food and drinks for tourists to choose at will. The designer also specially added the element of container,

Make the whole restaurant more industrial. If you are not satisfied with the food in the bar, you can choose to make your favorite food in the kitchen.

Pictures courtesy of Jane