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Container Office Building | It's 9012 years old!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::4666  2022-03-01

This is actually an office building in Lingby Science Park, an innovative workspace for a hardware start-up

company and industry partners, with offices and laboratories to facilitate product design and development.

The main construction materials of the building are containers, glass and steel structures, etc.

 There is no space to hide the pipes, so they are all exposed outside the corridor, 

and the clutter is softened and unified with a unified gray tone. 

The decorated factory has become the most uncharacteristic feature.

In order to enhance the natural light indoors, to achieve the purpose of energy saving. 

Whether it is a conference room, an office, or a laboratory, it is "transparent", 

and a large area of glass acts as a wall, making the overall environment very bright.

Pictures courtesy of Arcgency