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Container Showcase | This is "Dream Home"! Milan Design Fair for Architecture
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1011  2022-03-07

The art installation is composed of 12 sets of freight containers with dimensions of 6m x 8.5m x 12.5m. 

This is a charity project sponsored by the Francesca Rava Foundation NPH Italy Onlus.

 It was exhibited at the University of Milan and participated in the [ INTERNI HOUSE IN MOTION] exhibition.

Twelve container units together make up a four-storey building, some of which have their façades removed to create open spaces, 

and a vertical staircase installed on the exterior of the building to connect the spaces on the three floors above. 

The inside and outside of the building are painted in different colors to create a colorful look.

The ground floor of the architectural installation is used as an exhibition hall to display the elements of the building. 

All interior walls, ceilings and floors are paved, with spotlights mounted on top, 

creating a bright, flat, all-white backdrop that makes it easier to display works.

Pictures courtesy of  Saverio Lombardi Vallauri