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Container Exhibition Hall | The largest container exhibition in the whole continent that makes designers cry out!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::703  2022-03-10

As an economic activity, exhibition is a form of economic exchange

that is both market-oriented and display-oriented.

Although there are many electronic communication methods in modern times, exhibitions,

as temporary markets, are still the most professional and effective sales tools.

In order to allow container building enthusiasts, practitioners,

merchants, etc. to communicate on the same platform and seek development,

the first Nexus exhibition in Latin America [Container4you] was held in a container pavilion.

The existence of the exhibition hall shows

that sustainability has become a trend of choice in civil buildings,

and houses built with containers have become a reality in the market.

Practical, fast and clean, this type of modular building also

offers a variety of solutions for decoration and design.

The exhibition hall is located on a highland surrounded

by jungle and is constructed of shipping containers and steel structures.

Undecorated, it is just a simple black building with multiple shipping containers stacked

on the ground and a huge steel frame roof covering it, with a total area of 4,000 square meters.

The exhibition starts from the outside of the building.

The ground floor forms an overhead layer under the shelter of the ceiling.

Some furniture with the theme of log sculpture and vegetation coverage are displayed here,

interpreting the exhibition concept of sustainable development.

The second-floor terrace on the same vertical plane displays some outdoor furniture with the theme of the courtyard.

The beautiful scenery in the distance just acts as the perfect backdrop for the courtyard, with comfortable sofas and exquisite potted plants, it is like being in your own back garden.

There are also various swings and tents on display here.

There are a total of 28 rooms in the exhibition hall,

28 exhibition spaces created by RMVale architects and interior designers.

As the largest exhibition of its kind in Latin America,

its exhibition area is 1870 square meters.

You can enjoy studios with different design styles here, including duplex industrial style,

classical texture style, metal technology style, and tropical vegetation style.

The bedroom design is also one of the classification designs of the exhibition.

From single rooms to multi-person dormitories, different artistic atmospheres spread here.

Whether you are lively and wild, or a hot-blooded tough guy,

people of all preferences can find their favorite bedroom style here.

The bedside wall designed by the rolling shutter is really irresistible to any handsome locomotive.

In addition, the design of movie rooms, kitchens, bathrooms,

and even bars and cafes are displayed in separate exhibition halls in the exhibition hall.

You can get the latest architectural fashion indicators here.

Architectural designers come here as if they are traveling A sea of knowledge!

Pictures courtesy of  Living in a Container