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Container Creative Center | The afterlife of the warehouse turned out to be an office building! Is it too late to build a factory now?
Publisher: Beri  Page view::868  2022-03-10

Plant renovation is very common in regional transformation and upgrading,

 but how to spend the least amount of money to build the most satisfactory

environment is a difficulty that is difficult to bypass in the renovation problem.

Since warehouses generally belong to industrial environments,

filling with "industrial" elements with minimal changes is not an economical option to reduce costs.

Entering from the gate, the two colors of gray and yellow can be described as "factory flavor".

The renovated office building has an excellent location close to Porto airport,

subway and highway, providing excellent transportation conditions for the containers needed for the renovation.

This building of about 650 square meters has the characteristics of high ceiling,

which is also one of the biggest features of the factory, which makes the placement of containers without any restrictions.

Entering the middle of the building, you can see

that the open office space is the working mode of this innovation center.

 The meeting area, teamwork area, personal space

and space for leisure and decompression time are integrated,

and about 60 "open-air" jobs in the office building have been

created and allocated to achieve the purpose of sharing work space.

Thanks to the high ceilings, the most

distinctive buildings of the office building can stand here.

In the nave of the rectangular warehouse,

a blue container with neon lines is standing vertically.

Going up the stairs next to it can lead to the private working area

on the upper floor of the box, which can meet the needs of different work modes.

Meeting rooms in the office building are

scaled to take up space the size of a shipping container.

Entering from the open container door, you can get a relatively airtight meeting space,

with tables and chairs just right for a multi-person meeting.

In order to maintain the transparency of the space,

many small holes were opened on the wall.

In addition to the office area and conference room,

the building also has wall cabinets with a strong sense of line,

leisure board games and clean toilets, etc., to meet the daily needs

of the office workers here, and also reflect the innovation center and ordinary offices.

The "innovation" of the ratio lies.

The outdoor design of the office building is also a creative and industrial design.

It focuses on the beauty of simple lines and creates a sunshade

roof that combines rigidity and softness, making the 500-square-meter

warehouse forecourt instantly become an art plaza of the innovation center.

Pictures courtesy of  Spectris