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Publisher: Beri  Page view::739  2022-03-15

"The world is so big, I want to go for a walk." People will yearn for the distance,

and artworks will also yearn for the distance.

Only by traveling to different places to display, can they better display and influence people.

There is no need to book the exhibition hall in advance,

and there is no need to be afraid that there is no suitable exhibition schedule.

This "wandering" museum can be displayed at the point, and only a truck is needed.

The museum is all about two containers, which have been modularized to

function as displays, one of which can also be opened from the front.

The base of this exhibition is located on a small terrace shaded by trees.

Two containers are set up on the two sides of the terrace,

and a small courtyard is enclosed in the middle.

Located beside the road, this container museum

that has drifted through remote Panama towns countless times has a bright shell logo

and displays its bright side on the side close to the road,

allowing you to spot the existence of this new building in the surrounding environment at a glance .

When the door is closed, it is two mysterious colorful boxes.

The walls of the boxes are covered with overlapping

geometric patterns and differentiated by different colors.

When the door is open, it shows the education of a log inner wall.

Workshops and a display space with a grey interior.

The educational workshop on the inner wall of the log has been transformed,

so that the opening position of the door has been changed from the side to the front,

and the open space has become larger, which is also more conducive to holding educational activities for many people.

The inside of the box wall is divided into wall cabinets with several small areas,

 which can hold some works, and there is also a large blackboard for lectures and a small wooden bench for rest.

The open box door of the workshop is pasted with promotional posters,

and at the same time is connected to the adjacent showroom.

There are small lamp posts on the ground, along which you can

reach the showroom which is still opened by the side door of the container.

The gray inner wall is more conducive to the display of the work,

and the lamp tube connected to the top also ensures a good indoor lighting effect.

Pictures courtesy of  ArchDaily