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Container Store | Uniqlo's innovative outdoor business, a fitting room with a large freezer!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::476  2022-03-18

Whether a product is good or bad can only be truly known when it is used in person. 

In order to allow more consumers to understand the real effect of the brand’s thermal jackets, 

the Japanese clothing manufacturer [Uniqlo] innovatively moved the store from the mall to the open-air plaza,

 and created a high-profile pop-up store with shipping containers , attracting many passers-by to try it on.

To launch its winter 2019 collection, [Uniqlo] opened a container outdoor store in Toronto's Dundas Square, 

using 4 Loki Box design units to create a tall and stylish shape to attract customers who are ready for the winter season.

The middle unit is the Split20, with its striking 16-foot height and unique diagonal hinge design

It is the main fashion base for clothing, 

and some mannequins stand here to show how the products will look.

 A photo booth and iPad station are also included here for a raffle 

with prizes including winter coats and discounts on some clothing.

Next to the fashion base are two adjacent Loki Cube units, 

which are mainly for technical demonstrations of more functions of 

the clothing, with a special person instructing here, the demonstration includes t

he quality and lightweight effect of the down filling used, and the storage of the jacket. 

Turned into a striking visual perception of a compact tote bag, 

which allows for a more scientific and realistic presentation of the product.

However, with the temperature outside in Toronto not reaching extreme cold, 

in order to create a realistic fitting experience for customers, 

Uniqlo has created a giant refrigerated container - a 20-foot refrigerated container decorated with ice crystals and ice blue lights , 

the internal temperature is maintained at -5°C, which is sufficient for meaningful testing of the product. 

At the same time, a full-length mirror is installed on the wall of the box, 

turning the inside into a fitting room, where customers can see the effect of their fitting.

Pictures courtesy of  Loki Box Design