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Container Office Building | A working environment like a presidential suite, an ancient art palace refined in an abandoned factory
Publisher: Beri  Page view::744  2022-03-19

However, it can also be a corner of a palace-style office building, like the second photo above.

 Converted from an abandoned factory, it is located at 6-8 Bay, north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The office building was constructed to redefine the concept of a "shared office", 

giving companies the opportunity to occupy private spaces within a larger collective community. 

In order to match the old style of the factory, 

the renovation of the office building uses recycled containers with strong industrial flavor.

A giant mural in the reception area brings a stunning visual effect, showing the unique innovative thinking here, 

and the colorful selection of colors also makes people who see it unconsciously render a lively atmosphere.

The total area of the office building is large, about 2,500 square meters, 

and many places have retained the appearance of the original factory. 

For example, the painted brick walls, such as the archway connecting the two areas, 

all make the retro atmosphere here self-evident, and it has become an ancient art palace with a little decoration.

Passing through the arches leads to different areas of the office building, here is the meeting room assembly with elevator. 

The elevator is shrouded in a cage of iron mesh and wooden planks, which is unique and economical.

You can take the elevator to different floors of the office building, but they are all in the factory. 

It can also be regarded as a container leading to different heights.

 You can clearly see that the construction of the entire office building is inseparable from the container and the steel structure. .

In addition, there is an exclusive coffee lounge in the office building. The same nostalgic neon lights, 

bar counters transformed from shipping containers, 

and iron tables and chairs all have the illusion of living in a factory.

Pictures courtesy of Bays 6-8 Heritage Warehouse Office