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Container Office | The most high-end office building of the year! It is a work of innovation and fusion
Publisher: Beri  Page view::818  2022-03-19

The architecture of COºRDENADA can be summarized by a moving picture. 

The design of the office space incorporates a series of industrial buildings that stand out in the city,

 including the reuse of shipping containers as block distributors for the building, 

a mix of materials such as large expanses of interior and exterior visible floor-to-ceiling glazing, 

metal and structural beams, enhancing The main characteristics of architectural high-tech.

Next to the two shipping containers that have kept the prototype, 

there is a large building raised above by a metal frame. The front is almost completely closed, 

only a row of narrow windows are exposed, but the back is a large area of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, 

which can see the golf course not far away.

Entered by the glass room under the prototype container, it is a stairwell.

 The original wooden pedals are more high-quality, 

and the gray walls are used in the interior to maintain the high-end atmosphere of the office building.

The office space adopts a more comfortable style. There is no desk that sticks to the rules, 

but it provides a more free space and scope for activities, allowing more creativity to be stimulated here. 

The ceiling is decorated with pieces of metal pieces, creating the illusion of a container wave board, 

and the floor is alternately laid with logs and fabric carpets, which is more comfortable.

 The entire office area is filled with sunlight from outside the glass windows, making the space brighter.

In addition, there is an outdoor activity area at the top of the office building, which is an open-air balcony. 

The layout is also similar to the interior, with the main pursuit of comfort.

Pictures courtesy of arch daily