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How to build the exhibition hall to attract attention? NIKE brand showroom tells you
Publisher: Beri  Page view::480  2022-03-21

This is a combination of two ultra-wide 40-foot boxes, two standard 40-foot boxes and a steel structure.

 One ultra-wide box and one standard box are placed in front and back to form a whole, and the two groups are spliced together. 

The boxes are placed on both sides, with a small square built with a steel structure in the middle, 

and square advertising stands stand on top of the two boxes, which are eye-catching.

The seemingly simple structure actually took the designers and builders nearly 3 months to prepare. 

The project was inspired by the client's pursuit of industrial style. 

The container and a large amount of metal structure showed the characteristics and charm of the port city. 

At first glance, the appearance is very rough, but in fact its interior is very particular: 

the ground uses wooden floors or concrete ceramics, vinyl advertising boards, black ceilings, 

display cabinets with different shapes and its own wave board walls. While retaining the loft style, 

fashionable trend elements are added, 

which changes the monotonous shape of the container and attracts the attention of others.

The overall interior style is simple and stylish, creating a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

 Looking at the products and advertisements with the Nike logo on both sides, 

it is impressive and achieves the effect of brand promotion.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that there is also a square advertising rack built with a steel structure in the middle.

 Looking up from the ground, you can see that many metal combinations collide to create a spectacular scene. 

The large Nike logo is located in the middle, with a unique design and vivid expression. concept of metal aesthetics.

Pictures courtesy of archdaily