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Ideas turned into reality, they created a trendy office full of art
Publisher: Beri  Page view::456  2022-03-21

The project is located in Itajaí, a port city in Brazil. In order to meet the trend of sustainable development,

a modular industrial-style architectural concept is proposed,

and a new type of architecture that is close to nature and full of art is created through innovative concepts.

The main building is made up of four 40-foot white containers, which are placed in pairs on both sides; aisles and stairs are reserved in the middle,

and the staggered arrangement of front and rear creates additional shelter from rain;
The design of the top skylight reduces the use of artificial lighting; the arrangement of the roof garden reduces solar radiation,

which can be used for rainwater collection as a reservoir,
It can have the effect of cooling and insulating the environment, beautifying the environment,

 and visually bring a different color experience, making people feel more comfortable.

This building embodies the wisdom of architects, designers, photographers and artists,

and transforms creative inspiration into practical applications,thus reflecting the close connection between architecture and the city.

Although they chose industrial-style shipping containers as building materials,

they considered warm and comfortable soft furnishings for the interior.

The first floor is the reception room, conference room and public leisure space: the calcium silicate board covers most of the walls,

covering up the wave board that comes with the container; the middle is the glass curtain wall connected by the steel structure,

the hollow part is planted with plants, the environment Beautiful and light-filled; with semi-outdoor corridors, plenty of space.

Straight stairs made of steel and marble connect different floors, which are more elegant and beautiful than traditional stairs.

The second floor is an open office area. White desks are placed on the containers on both sides.

Light shines in through a large number of glass windows. It is spacious and bright, and it is more energetic to work.

In addition to the unique overall design, they did not ignore the details, from the design of the lamps to the coordination of colors, 

they were all in place.For example: there are many murals hanging on the wall, 

and the wooden shelf in the stairwell can be used for both newspapers and decoration, which is very practical.

Pictures courtesy of Alexandre Zelinski