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Container Office Building | Nearly 2,000㎡ project uses mixed-structure arcades, custom-made trusses that restore industrial characteristics
Publisher: Beri  Page view::433  2022-03-23

As a B&W standard box project, the polygonal structure on which the project is located is very orderly,

with all streets marked and most industrial plants numbered. This purely industrial project reuses a total of ten 40-foot intermodal containers,

forming a hybrid structural arcade of V-columns and vierendeel trusses,

allowing structural parts to enjoy a second life while maintaining their storage capacity.

The dullness of the exterior of the building contrasts with the whiteness of the light inside,

and ten 40-foot shipping containers are reused in the longitudinal section,

allowing the roof to conform to the Willendel trusses supported by the "V"-shaped structural pillars,

and between these porticoes Light is filtered through numerous translucent skylights.

This 1956.68sqm project by Ruiz Esquiroz uses a "black box" that fits between two existing warehouses,

allowing it to open to the east and west Two façades with access to warehouses, offices,

loading docks and a leisure mezzanine. At the same time,

the white light highlights the contrasting layers of the interior space.

The project revolves around restoring the character of the buildings in the industrial sector,

thus using very cheap materials and standardized dimensions. But thanks to the abundance of overhead lights in the warehouse,

the use of these material qualities is balanced for use in a warmer and less industrial setting.

When moving around in this project space, you will find the whole environment is filled with pallet racks,

but the bright lighting conditions do not affect the use, especially gymnasts and skaters love this space.

The first and second floors of the project have extremely spacious training grounds,

and an outdoor lawn surrounded by containers on the second floor has the effect of a patio.

The offices are located on the upper floors on the west side,

in a truss personalised by the company lettering (Amaya) and illuminated by a perforated black steel façade and a fully glazed terrace that continues the space between the containers.

space. The mezzanine level houses meeting rooms and restrooms for all workers,

and ample skylights in the warehouse and offices make artificial lighting virtually unnecessary during the day.

Pictures courtesy of  ArchDaily