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Does France rely on this container to dominate the world? Silicon Valley Made in Paris【STATION F】Let you know the digital age!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::475  2022-03-25

However, this spectacular F station was not built deliberately at first. You may not believe it when you say it.

 It used to be a train freight station! The former railway freight station Halle Freyssinet, listed as a historic monument, 

has been completely transformed into the flagship of the Parisian digital economy,

 with the aim of increasing the influence of Paris and France in the field of start-ups.

So it is not surprising to see the simple and cool container shape space here.

The old abandoned station was renovated and renovated, covering an area of 34,000 square meters. 

It is currently the world's largest digital startup incubation center. France, which is fashionable and valued for lifestyle, 

has made this digital startup incubation center into a city that combines shopping,

 The future transit station for leisure and life attracts international digital giants such as Microsoft and Facebook to enter.

In the two-story space, the skylight design on the roof allows a lot of daylight to enter the atrium through the hall, 

so that every space in the room can enjoy the sun, 

and the wide and high building structure of the station is also preserved.

The whole [STATION F] adopts an open-plan design, with more than 3,000 work desks, 60 small meeting rooms, 

8 conference centers, a post office, a 24-hour bar, 4 restaurants, various rest areas, Social room, green LOHAS area, 

and an area dedicated to setting up pop-up stores.

 The entire [STATION F] digital innovation incubation center not only uses technology to incubate the future, 

but also uses 3D printing building materials in construction.

The workers in the park will not be confined to their circle of knowledge alone, they can pay attention to the life around them.

 Because there is a dining and leisure area, passers-by and neighborhood residents alike can come. 

There are 4 restaurants and 1 bar open 24 hours a day in the zone Chill, which has the service of cooling,

 sharing and creating. There is no hall, but there is a dining car, 

reminiscent of the history of this freight station that is "synonymous with change".

At the same time, the campus has transitioned from glass buildings to green spaces.

 The perimeter of the building has also been completely renovated because of the 310-meter-long green areas that are cleverly inlaid on both sides of the building. 

Station F to the south provides a cascading garden as well as two new greenbelt sideways where pedestrians can sit among the plants.

Just a glance through a glass area reveals a vibrant and veritable busy place (zone Create). 

Because here is a fusion glass cement miniature city. 

The long-term plan for the campus is that everyone can even walk through the glass doors to attend an event,

 listen to a lecture, or watch an impromptu performance in one of the newest zone Shares.

Regarding this high-tech F station, Facebook said that this is currently the company's participation in the world's largest digital innovation incubation program, 

and it is also considered to be Paris, or even a digital city in Europe. Here, you can communicate with big companies such as Facebook, 

Microsoft, and LINE at any time. In the future, there will be technology leaders such as Amazon and Apple.

 Isn’t [STATION F] very exciting? Does the charming high-tech park environment both day and night make you succumb?

Pictures courtesy of Patrick Tourneboeuf