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[Classic Gray System] A stable and atmospheric "gray space" in an ideal environment
Publisher: Beri  Page view::533  2022-03-26

Container building has gradually become a conventional building form:

 the choice of container building is not for special purposes, but it has advantages over other building forms in specific situations, 

such as free movement, low cost, energy saving and environmental protection, and short construction period.

The container office is located in Nordhavnen, Copenhagen and was built by UNIONKUL Architects. 

The office is located near the pier. When it comes to the pier, many people will naturally think of containers, 

and this idea became the inspiration for UNIONKUL Architects to build this office.

This silver-gray building adopts a combined container structure with a construction area of about 660 square meters. 

The office is in line with the characteristics of sustainable development in terms of structure and materials. 

Its exterior adopts highly insulating external wall panels, and 90% of the building materials used are recyclable and recycled materials, 

which are very environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

The office has added thermal insulation materials, 

and the indoor temperature can be maintained at about 20 degrees Celsius all year round, 

and the office environment is very comfortable and pleasant.

 In order to better block the sun's rays, each window is affixed with three layers of this light film.

In fact, containers can easily be stacked together to form assemblies, 

and an unlimited number of containers can be combined as needed. Of course,

 if shipping containers need to be stacked into a composite, they need to be treated accordingly,

 and container buildings are built specifically for composites.

Pictures courtesy of UKIONKUL Architecture & Arcgency